Skills2Know: Building N-Tier Apps with EF4

Daniel Simmons, a member of the Entity Framework Development Team,  has written a very useful set of articles on N-Tier Application Design with the Entity Framework (EF).  The articles cover general concepts in N-Tier Application Design and showcases the EF’s way to address them.

Anti-Patterns To Avoid In N-Tier Applications

N-Tier Application Patterns

Building N-Tier Apps with EF4

One thing to keep id mind with new technologies like the EF is that they should not become your end-all, be-all tool.  As a developer and application designer one should look carefully into what the best tool for a job is.  If a framework such as the EF is a good fit then use it, but one should always avoid falling into the trap of looking at everything as a nail because what I am holding in my hand is a hammer.  Put down the hammer and look at what’s in front: Is it a nail or a screw?


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