Good2Learn: “Be a detective…”

 think this picture really captures my image of Prague. It’s a mysterious city that does not give up its secrets easily but does not conceal them either. It’s place filled with wonder and confusion, that can be frustrating and/or exhilirating.
A mysterious street in Prague

As much as one could argue that there is nothing glamorous about software development, I would say that the road paved with zeros and ones is a hard one to walk on.  The streets a developer wonders are very much like the one in this picture, mysterious, foggy and utterly dangerous.  There will be times one will be asked to solve a mystery that will force us to walk those streets that do not give up their secrets easily but do not conceal them either.  A place filled with wonder and confusion, that can be frustrating while at the same time exhilarating.   Today I was asked to “…be a detective…” and solve a mystery that after a long meeting left five very smart people (ok four, since I was in that meeting too) bewildered and perplexed.  In the words of Mulder, “…the truth is out there…” and in this case, that foggy, dangerous street is an Oracle database that contains the clues to the truth.

 There will be times when one will be asked to take such task and venture out in the foggy, dangerous road that leads to the truth.  Much like Sherlock Holmes and many others that exemplify the thinking mind hunting for the truth, the software developer will have to spend countless hours in search for clues, solving riddles and making the connections none are making.  This is when one has to “…be a detective…” and reveal the truth.