Good2Read: Building Data-Centric Web Apps with ASP.NET MVC and Ext JS

Juan Carlos Olamendy has a great article in the March issue of the MSDN Magazine.  He has a well written and documented example of how to implement different technologies to achieve a great user experience.  As a developer/architect the key is to first know well all the tools at your disposal and then knowing how to make use of what and when.  This is where science meets art and you go from a mere developer to a craftman.  You should always take pride in how well thoughtout the appliation you are writing is.  This article is great at getting you there, that is, making the informed decisions you need to make to produce a great, reach user experience.

Good2Read: Visual Basic 2010 Programmer’s Reference (Free Sample Chapters)

The author of this very good book offers two sample chapters on subjects that I think are very important to master: Namespaces and LINQ.  The sample chapters are part of a 40 chapter reference book that covers pretty much everything you want (and need) to know about the VB and the .NET framework as a whole.  If at all, and after you read these chapters, take a look at the list of chapters covered in this book and make it a point to get familiar with each subject.

Good2Read: Getting Ready for the Intelligent Economy

The “intelligent economy” is coming. Foundation technologies like sensors, smart phones and meters, real-time analytics, widespread broadband, and social networks are combining to create the perfect conditions. What are leading IT organizations and vendors doing to succeed in this fast-emerging new landscape? Ziff Davis Enterprise Market Expert Joe Maglitta sits down with Scott Lundstrom, group vice president at IDC Health, to discuss ways to ensure you don’t get left behind.  Click here to see the video

Good2Know: Mobile Developers Armed with Best Practices

The United Testing Initiative (UTI, I know, they should have thought of a different name J) has released a set of best practices for mobile developers. This is yet another sign at how the mobile application development is getting less chaotic and becoming more mainstream. An article by eWeek discusses in detail what the specifics of the release are. The guidelines can be downloaded from the UTI site, and feedback can be given at their blog.

Good2Read: Is Getting A Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification Really Worth It?

According to Scott Ambler, not really. I’ve read countless of articles in the subject of the validity of this certification and what it does to one’s career. Unfortunately those who profit from people getting certified exagerate the impact that it has on someone’s career and by doing so hurt their case. I like Scott’s article because he takes a comprehensive look at why the impact of getting a CSM certification is blown out of proportion (read the article here).  It does not help the case in favor of getting CSM certified that the only to get this certification is to attend a two-day class which in many cases the mere attendance of the class means a certification (in other words there is no test at the end).  In my mind, I can pay, attend, day dream all day and then call myself CSM certified.  My advice and what I plan on doing? Buy a book on the subject.