Good2Read: Time for Developers to Forget “Web” and Embrace Native Code?

With the Internet now a ubiquitous platform, developers may need to drop the word “Web” from their vocabularies and embrace native code.

Herman Mehling has written an interesting article for where he discusses the shift from web apps to native applications that function in different environments (web, mobile/tablet and desktop).  This requires for developers to stop thinking of one single experience to target but rather concentrate on an underline code that ports to different environments to accomodate to the desired user experience.

Good2Read: Developers Mix and Match Agile Approaches

If you have followed the UFC enough you have come to realize that those who cling to their “first love” martial art last but a few seconds in the octagon.  They are taken by surprise by a move they’ve never seen and/or end up on the floor covering their face from being punched into a KO.  The lesson to be learned is, those who don’t bend break.  Those who don’t addapt become obsolete.   You have to become a master in more than one discipline to be competitive and stand a chance.  You have to be quick on your feet as well as on the mat and just like kicking and punching don’t get you far, the same is true now for grappling because some people just won’t go to the floor and are very quick on their feet.  Fighters have realized that in order to make it in the sport you have to employ more than one discipline becoming a hybrid fighter or to use the well marketed term a “Mixed Martial Art” figther.

The software development industry has gone through a similar experience as it pertains to software development methodologies.  Many software development shops embraced Agile leaving Waterfall or other methods thinking that this would be the new holy grail of software development.  What they found out is that their projects came in different sizes and flavors that were not well suited for the Agile approached they favored.  Frustrated they concluded that Agile just did not work.  The ones that suceeded were the ones that, just like the new UFC fighter, let their methodology evolve into a hybrid of the different approaches within Agile methodology.

There is a great article in the Visual Studio Magazine that covers this subject in length.  What is also just a valueable as the article are the comments below that support the fact that just like Waterfall or other methods before it there is no one-size-fits-all within Agile but rather the best approach is a hybrid of all the different methods within Agile.