Good2Read: Remaining Work is Key for Agile

I recently read an article in the Visual Studio Magazine regarding the importance of remaining work when assessing progress.  Aaron Bjork talks about why remaining work is the most important measurement on your Agile projects.  He discusses about the tension between focusing on finished instead of remaining work and what that does to the project.  […]

Good2Read: Responsive Web Design

The  MSDN Magazine November 2011 Issue has a really good article in the HTM5 section called  Responsive Web Design.  The concept that your design should not try to anticipate the devices in which is goingt be viewed but rather it should “…use flexible and fluid layouts that adapt to almost any screen.”  This is based […]

Good2Read: Assessing Quality

J.D. Hildebrand has a really good article this month in the SD Times eMagazine titled Assessing quality where he discusses the fact that in order to be able to accurately assess quality we have to define it accurately first.  I like his point that you have to assess quality of intention and quality of execution and how in […]