Daily Digest: AWS Mobile Dev, Top 10 Coding Tips, HTML5 tag, Big Data, and more…


AWS Launches Mobile Development Services, GPU Instances: 
The cloud computing platform is improving its services for developers.
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Firefox gets mobile foothold from Android preinstallation deals: 
Second-tier phones and tablets from Gigabyte and Kobo will have the mobile browser built in, a move that could help Mozilla’s ambition to have more mobile influence.
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Management Vendors Race to Help Move BlackBerry Users to Android and iOS: 
Mobile management vendors like Good Technology and MobileIron are increasing efforts to pitch Android and iOS as alternatives to BlackBerry, thanks to improved security and management tools.
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Top 10 Tips for Efficient Team Coding: 
If you are a developer or a designer, it is very likely that you will work in a team comprised of different people with different habits, motivation, work and coding styles. This article will provide a few simple tips that will make working in teams more efficient and productive.
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Essential Audio and Video Events for HTML5: 
The <video> and <audio> elements provide a comprehensive range of events. While some are quite straightforward, like the self-explanatory “play” event, others can be rather more tricky to understand, especially the “progress” event.
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OCR search indexing in SkyDrive and Windows 8.1: 
People take pictures not just to capture special moments, but to remember everyday information. To help our users do this, we integrated Bing’s OCR technology into SkyDrive, so text is extracted from photos in your Camera Roll folder and saved it in the photo’s metadata. This allows you to search for photos on the desktop by the text they contain.
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Introduction to Big Data | Getting Started with Microsoft Big Data: 
In this module, you will get an overview of the Microsoft Big Data story and see how to use the Big Data Lambda architecture to describe solutions. You’ll learn how to set up a Windows Azure HDInsight cluster with storage used for the rest of the modules.
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