Daily Digest: Hybrid IT Roles, Kinect SDK with C++, Keeping ASP.NET Apps Alive, and more…


Use IIS Application Initialization for keeping ASP.NET Apps alive: 
Ever want to run a service-like, always-on application inside of ASP.NET instead of creating a Windows Service or running a Console application? Need to make sure that your ASP.NET application is always running and comes up immediately after an Application Pool restart even if nobody hits your site? The IIS Application Initialization Module provides this functionality in IIS 7 and later, making it much easier to create always-on ASP.NET applications that can act like a service.
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5 Hybrid IT Roles Your Business Needs to Succeed in 2014: 
This year, the ability to simply configure and run a server or develop software in isolation won’t be enough. Employers will aggressively pursue workers with multi-dimensional talent — combinations of technology, domain, business, process and people skills.
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Kinect for Windows SDK C++ Samples: 
Today’s post is a reminder about all the available C++ Kinect for Windows SDK samples and examples…
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