Building APIs You Won’t Hate: Review

Building APIs You Won’t Hate: Review This is a review of Phil Sturgeon ’s book Build APIs You Won’t Hate . Build APIs You Won’t Hate A bit of an edgy title, isn’t it? It makes sense, though. The potential of a developer hating anything he built given enough time to work on it is […]

Daily Digest: Free Books by MS Press, IntelliDebugger for VS, Extreme Late Binding in APIs, and more…

A Couple of Free eBooks from Microsoft Press:  Microsoft Press and the Microsoft Virtual Academy offer a few free eBooks that are worth checking out! View article… Microsoft Announces the Addition of Entity Framework 6 Support for DynamicData and EntityDataSource:  View article… Adding to the Open Source Library, IntelliEgg Releases IntelliDebugger v1.2 for Microsoft Visual […]

A Flexible API for Remote Device Control

In a race to optimize everything, developers often go to extremes to build software that performs routine tasks. MissionControl is a system that allows users to program a control center that stores interfaces with attached hardware sensors, allowing the users to control any other devices that can be activated via the underlying protocol. For demo […]