Daily Digest: Ubuntu OS gets Smartphone Partner, Automated JS Testing, Health Monitoring in ASP.NET MVC, and more…

Ubuntu Touch OS wins its first smartphone partner:  Canonical has inked its first deal with partner who’ll put the Linux-basd operating system on its phones, CEO Mark Shuttleworth reveals. View article… Home Appliance Makers Connect with Open Source ‘Internet of Things’ Project:  The AllSeen Alliance is working on an open source framework that it says […]

Daily Digest: IE11, Chrome hacked, Adobe patches security holes, JQuery Datatables, and more…

Researchers Hack Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome At Mobile Pwn2own:  Previously unknown vulnerabilities in the two browsers were exploited to fully compromise Windows 8.1 and Android mobile devices View article… Adobe patches critical vulnerabilities in Flash Player, ColdFusion:  The vulnerabilities could allow unauthorized remote code execution or remote read access View article… Working with jQuery […]

How to Create a Responsive Centered Image in CSS3

Image gallery lightboxes have been around for many years. They generally provide a great user experience until you attempt to load an image which is larger than the viewport dimensions. Developers often forget this important check and you’re presented with a centered image which is difficult to remove. The problem can be exacerbated on mobile […]

CSS3 Columns and Paged Reflowable Content

When it comes to the consumption of the written word in the digital form, the predominant complaint amongst devotees of conventional books remains the inability to develop with a digital book the connection that the provision to turn a page, the choice of paper and its color, the font, and other physical attributes specific to […]