More on the openFrameworks and the Kinect

More on the openFrameworks and the Kinect I guess it’s Peter Daukintis week. 🙂 Today’s project he’s showing off the openFrameworks . Reminder about openFrameworks ? openFrameworks is designed to work as a general purpose glue, and wraps together several commonly used libraries, including: OpenGL , GLEW , GLUT , libtess2 and cairo for graphics […]

Daily Digest: NSA Malware, Responsive Design Pitfalls, Twitter Bootstrap, The New Kinect, and more…

NSA Reportedly Compromised More Than 50,000 Networks Worldwide:  Leaked top secret presentation slide shows over 50,000 Computer Network Exploitation implants View article… Evolve or Die:  During attritive economic times, luck alone does not determine which organizations survive and which become extinct. There is a process of Survival of the Fittest that takes place, to where […]

Daily Digest: Big Data Strategies, JavaScript Performance, Kinect Sign Language and more…

Kinect Sign Language Translator from Microsoft Research:  Kinect can be the bridge between folks who don’t speak the same language – and even those who can hear and those who can’t. A collaboration between Microsoft Research Asia, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Union University has created a prototype that translates sign language into […]

Daily Digest: Secure ASP.NET API, Control Windows with Kinect, Agile tools and more…

Tech Industry Calls for ‘oversight and Accountability’ of NSA Surveillance: Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and other Internet companies had so far asked for permission to reveal data requests to the public View article… New Malware Variant Suggests Cybercriminals Targeting SAP Users: The malware checks if infected systems have a SAP client application installed, ERPScan researchers said […]

Good2Read: Build-A-Bear Selects Kinect for Windows for “Store of the Future”

 Build-A-Bear Workshop stores have been delivering custom-tailored experiences to children for 15 years in the form of make-your-own stuffed animals, but the company recently recognized that its target audience was gravitating toward digital devices. So it has begun advancing its in-store experiences to match the preferences of its core customers by incorporating digital screens throughout […]