Good2Read: Let’s End the Debate Over Scrum Master versus Project Manager

In the product development world, project managers, more than ever, are critical in the successful execution and delivery of projects/products to market. Role clarity and collaboration is essential. The project manager and the scrum master are meant to work collaboratively with each other not against each other.  Steven Starke takes on the on-going debate whether PMs are CMs and CMs are PMs.

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Good2Read: Is Getting A Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification Really Worth It?

According to Scott Ambler, not really. I’ve read countless of articles in the subject of the validity of this certification and what it does to one’s career. Unfortunately those who profit from people getting certified exagerate the impact that it has on someone’s career and by doing so hurt their case. I like Scott’s article because he takes a comprehensive look at why the impact of getting a CSM certification is blown out of proportion (read the article here).  It does not help the case in favor of getting CSM certified that the only to get this certification is to attend a two-day class which in many cases the mere attendance of the class means a certification (in other words there is no test at the end).  In my mind, I can pay, attend, day dream all day and then call myself CSM certified.  My advice and what I plan on doing? Buy a book on the subject.