Good2Read: Responsive Web Design

The  MSDN Magazine November 2011 Issue has a really good article in the HTM5 section called  Responsive Web Design.  The concept that your design should not try to anticipate the devices in which is goingt be viewed but rather it should “…use flexible and fluid layouts that adapt to almost any screen.”  This is based on an article back in 2010 with the same title by Ethan Marcotte.


Good2Read: Building Data-Centric Web Apps with ASP.NET MVC and Ext JS

Juan Carlos Olamendy has a great article in the March issue of the MSDN Magazine.  He has a well written and documented example of how to implement different technologies to achieve a great user experience.  As a developer/architect the key is to first know well all the tools at your disposal and then knowing how to make use of what and when.  This is where science meets art and you go from a mere developer to a craftman.  You should always take pride in how well thoughtout the appliation you are writing is.  This article is great at getting you there, that is, making the informed decisions you need to make to produce a great, reach user experience.